P0440 ford f150

Play Now. Start by checking the "Possible Causes" listed above. Visually inspect the related wiring harness and connectors. Check for damaged components and look for broken, bent, pushed out, or corroded connector's pins.

Tech Notes What does this mean? The auto repair labor rates vary widely across the country, and even within the same city. How much do you know about cars? Take the AutoCodes. When is the code detected? The camshaft position sensor signal is not detected by the Engine Control Module ECM during the first few seconds of engine cranking.

The camshaft position sensor senses the retraction of camshaft intake to identify a particular cylinder. The camshaft position sensor senses the piston position. The sensor system consists of a rotating part, typically a disc, as well as a static part, the actual sensor.

When the engine is running, the high and low parts of the teeth cause the gap with the sensor to change. The changing gap causes the magnetic field near the sensor to change.

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The change in the magnetic field cause the voltage from the sensor to change. When the crankshaft position sensor POS system becomes inoperative, the camshaft position sensor provides various controls of engine parts instead, utilizing timing of cylinder identification signals.

Get Access to Factory Service Manuals. Need more help? Get the P Ford F code diagnosed by a professional: Find a repair shop in your area. Why is the Engine Light ON? Repair Importance Level: 3.This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office to perform the Check Engine Light diagnostic.

P is an OBD-II generic code that the engine control module ECM has detected a leak in the fuel tank vapor system or a vapor pressure sensor has malfunctioned. The ECM has closed off all of the fuel tank vapor lines and monitors the vapor pressure and sees a pressure drop more than is allowed within the test parameters of the ECM. Code P is also set if any component in the fuel vapor system is leaking like a gas cap vent, vent valve, carbon canister, fuel filler neck, or any of the many fuel vapor recovery components.

Scans codes and documents the code in the ECM. Views the freeze frame data to see when fault happened. Inspects the entire fuel system to include the fuel lines and vapor lines from the front to the rear of the vehicle for any signs of fuel or vapors leaking.

Performs a smoke leakage test on the fuel vapor system to try and locate the cause of the vapor leak using the test vapor port. If no leaks are present, then follow the manufacturer pinpoint test for detailed checking of the vapor sensor and system for this code since these systems can be very different between manufacturers.

Code P causes the Check Engine Light to go on and this alone will cause a failed emission test. The code means the fuel vapor system has a vapor leak somewhere in the system and vapors can be very flammable and dangerous to breath the vapors.

The loss of vapors in the system only means the engine did not use them and this may cause a loss of fuel mileage. Repairing or replacing leaking vapor system components like a vapor control valve or carbon canister. Code P is one of the most common codes that causes the Check Engine Light to come on in vehicles today.

The most common cause for this is the fuel cap being accidently left off or not tightened securely after getting fuel. YourMechanic offers certified mobile mechanics who will come to your home or office to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Get a quote and book an appointment online or speak to a service advisor at With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether.

They send certified and screened mechanics straight to your door and enable you to save big on car repair and maintenance. Cost of diagnosing the P code. No more waiting rooms! Our mechanics will come to you to diagnose and fix the P code.

p0440 ford f150

Recent Check Engine Light is on Inspection reviews. Excellent Rating. Rating Summary. I was pleasantly surprised he was able to show up early. I wish I could figure out what the problem is, but he told me not to worry much and call for an appt if the light comes on again. Tabitha 17 years of experience. Request Tabitha. Joel 11 years of experience. Request Joel. Excellent knowledge and we will ask him back for further work next month.

I'm truly grateful to him. Pedro 1 years of experience. Request Pedro. Pedro was very professional and an all around nice guy.The camshaft position sensor located in the internal combustion engine monitors the position and rotational speed of the camshaft. It works hand in hand with the reluctor ring that creates a square wave voltage signal that the ECM interprets as the crankshaft position.

The ECM uses this information to control ignition spark and fuel injector timing. When the trouble code P is set, the ignition spark and fuel injector timing fails due to the engine not knowing when to fire these components. The vehicle may be difficult to start and the driver may also experience a lack of power when driving. It is possible for more damage to occur inside the engine of the vehicle if disregarded for an extended time period.

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It is extremely important to repair code P as soon as possible. Replacing the camshaft position sensor without checking the wiring, connector, or reluctor ring beforehand.

There may also be the possibility of neglecting a misfire or timing error. For error code P, one or more of the below repairs may be needed to solve the underlying issue. For each possible repair, the estimated cost of repair includes the cost of the relevant parts and the cost of labor required to make the repair.

Is this electronic sensor located on the exterior of the engine and something I can replace, I do have a multi-meter….

I have a Kia and it was a broken wire just at the harness. I fixed it for free and it solved the problem. While driving I while driving the oil light came on. I stopped and put oil in the car.

I continued to travel. The oil light came on again the car lost power and the engine stopped running. It gets a po code. I just bought my car from a buy here, pay here place.Ford has issued a service bulletin to address a problem with trouble code P Ford dealing with the camshaft position sensor.

The bulletin pertains to the vehicles listed below. The P Ford trouble code may appear on the 5. In addition to the P code, the problem may also trigger a P, P, or P camshaft intermittent trouble code. The problem is caused by excess AC ripple. So Ford wants you to perform a generator frequency test to diagnose the problem. They warn not to replace the generator alternator unless if fails the frequency test.

The test is done at RPM and involves turning on loads like the high beams, blower set to high, heated seats, defroster, etc. The Ford WDS tool computes the frequency values automatically. It compares the AC ripple frequency and if the frequency is less than Hz, then the alternator should be replaced.

The test can be completed with a digital storage oscilloscope. Just measure the voltage dips over a given range of divisions on the scope trace.

Divide the number of dips by the number of divisions to get an average voltage dip. If you replace the alternator and still find the trouble codes, you must update the PCM software to the latest version.

P0440 OBD-II Trouble Code: Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction

They include wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins. In most cases, their diagrams are right from the factory manuals.

p0440 ford f150

Pricing: Eautorepair. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations.

However, Alldatadiy. If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy. Find this article useful?

Share it! Tags P P P PEvaporative Emission Control System Malfunction. The evaporative emission control EVAP system prevents fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. When the vent control valve is open, the fuel vapors from the fuel tank travel through a vent line to the charcoal canister. The fuel vapors are then absorbed and stored by activated charcoal pellets in the charcoal canister.

The purge volume control valve controls how much fuel vapor is allowed into the engine. When it is opened it is normally closedthe vacuum from the engine draws the fuel vapors out of the charcoal canister and into the engine intake manifold, where it is then used as part of the air-fuel mixture needed for combustion within the cylinders of the engine.

However, when code P is set, a leak has been detected by the Engine Control Module ECM or a vapor pressure sensor has malfunctioned. The ECM determines this when the vehicle is turned off, and the vent control valve is commanded closed. Code P will not cause any noticeable driving issues but will result in a failed emissions test.

However, as with all check engine light diagnostic trouble codes, you should repair it as soon as possible to return the vehicle to normal operation.

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Many people fail to perform a smoke test before or after replacing the fuel cap and jump straight to component replacement. The problem could be as simple as a loose or cracked EVAP hose. More diagnostic steps could require electrical testing of the purge and vent control valves for proper operation. For error code P, one or more of the below repairs may be needed to solve the underlying issue. For each possible repair, the estimated cost of repair includes the cost of the relevant parts and the cost of labor required to make the repair.

My mechanic has gone through all the tests leaving only the pressure sensors left as the problem. In my car they are located atop the fuel tank and the tank has to be lowered to replace the sensor.

I am presently attempting to prove this diagnosis by clearing the code, filling the tank and driving until the engine light comes on. There are two sensors associated with the pressure that should be in the tank at half full and one at quarter full. If you have the FIXD app on your phone there is a clear code button to click on. It will clear the code. Ever since I got this code I noticed a humming sound near rear of vehicle after idling for a few minutes, is this something to do with my code issue?

Mine is doing the exact same thing.My shaking problem started about 3 months ago. I have checked out my u joints, all ok. A little play but nothing to worry about. One day last month at mph, the vibration was so bad I thought the drive shaft was going to come through the floor.

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I pulled over and turned around to take the truck home, went back down the same road and the vibration was gone. This is bullshit.

Starts Shaking While Driving

Will let you know if I can to the bottom of this. Any advice? A drive shaft should not go bad at this kind of time or mileage. Other truck owners know this as well. I did some research. Ford decided to go with a drive shaft made cheaper in Canada. The problem is that the joint in the middle goes bad and is unserviceable.

So the fix is another drive shaft from Ford for I called Ford and asked for some assistance they told me it was out of warranty and there was no recall either so too bad.

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I know this part should not go bad for a long time. Ford tough I don't think so anymore. I would like to thank the Ford motor company for the inspiration to seriously consider a different truck the next go around. It is a pain in the butt you pay all that money for a built ford tough truck and they cant find the problem and they charge you a arm and a leg for that information.

It happens at any time while on the road.

EVAP Purge Valve – 2004-2008 5.4L Ford F-150

I took it to Woltz Wind Ford in PA and they said that I had a spring locking up on my brakes causing the brakes to lock up. I might not be a mechanic, but this makes no sense to me beings it has happened while traveling 60 mph and not touching the break. I have replaced my breaks, my rotors, and a break caliper and it still happens and is getting worse.

I can not believe that there is not solution to this. I also had this problem with my F, had 37, on it. Wo like a dump ass I go and buy a F and it is doing it at 17, miles. I am now looking at either a Toyota or a Nissan or Silverado. If it aint fixed for free it's goodbye Fords. If you have a for-profit service, contact us.

Most Common Solutions: not sure 6 reports replace drive shaft 1 reports. Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page.

Helpful websites No one has added a helpful site for this F problem yet. Be the first! Find a good Ford mechanic Read reviews of repair shops in your area.

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p0440 ford f150

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