Sumela manast?r? restorasyon

Turkey's most important faith tourism centers of the Sumela Monastery visitors to facilitate the transport and will be established in order to provide the opportunity to see the top of the valley where about million pounds cost of the cable car project tender is planned for the first six months of The project, which is planned to be completed in 6 years, will operate on the build-operate-transfer model. With the works, 4 thousand tons of rock cleaning was done in the area.

Thus, the accidents that could be caused by falling rocks and ice masses in the monastery were prevented. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality will implement the cable car line, which will be approximately 2,5 kilometers long, with the build, operate, transfer model.

In the project, a cable car line with person wagons will be established. The project, which will consist of 2 stations, will cost million lira. In the project, viewing terraces, eating and drinking places, walking areas were prepared in that area. At the first stop, there will be an area that offers completely different beauties such as scenery, viewing terraces, walking paths and restaurants where you can easily spend hours.

If there was no pandemic process, we might have contracted this business, but this process inevitably affected the investors. Therefore, we hope that we will hold this tender in the first months of 6. It is a bit of a customer-related business because we will not do this, we have to find investors for it since we will do it in 2 years with the build-operate-transfer model.

He said in the form. YHT services, which have opened in the past months, continue in a controlled manner, but there is still no improvement on when the regional train and mainline train services will start! Apart from this, all other passenger transport trains are out of service. For details Click here One-way ticket prices pounds for one person, pounds for double people are offered for sale. Young people between the ages of can benefit from this 'young ticket' discount. In addition, teachers, military passengers, groups of at least 12 people, people with press cards, disabled people, children between the ages of and TCDD retired spouse 20 percent discount, 65 percent discount over 50 and TCDD employee free travel opportunities are offered.

You need to buy both HES codes and travel permit documents. For video and picture narration Click here The East Express completes the journey between Ankara and Kars in approximately 24 hours and 30 minutes.

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Popular Questions and Answers a. When will the main and regional train services start? When will mosques be opened?It was built in the fourth century, just before the Roman Empire split into east and west, by two Athenian priests, Barnabas and Sophronius, who, according to legend, found a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave.

The monastery's location in this geopolitically tumultuous corner of the globe naturally saw times of trouble and fell into ruin numerous times throughout its history, with its most thriving times falling under Byzantine and Ottoman rule. History The monastery was founded in AD during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius I -Legend has it that two priests undertook its creation after discovering a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave on the mountain. Whatever your travel dreams, together we can custom-design the perfect itinerary with highly personalized services just for you.

A multilingual website offers content in 6 different languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. We know how important it is for travellers to have the flexibility to change their itinerary due to some reasons or force majeure. A professional will accompany the guests to all of the places; they will never be left alone to fend for themselves. We do believe honestly that quality should come first and quantity would come later and our main objective focused on Quality is our Top Priority.

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We offer Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone and email for questions about our tours and services. We are attempting to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate future employment for local people.

Memphis Tours website is a McAfee Secure site that helps keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud and spyware. Destinations Egypt.

African Safari. Take advantage of our flexible booking and cancellation policy for the time being and plan now and travel later! See Details. Total :. Select Departure Flight. Flight Time :. Select Selected. Select Return Flight. Photo Gallery. Sumela Monastery in Turkey. The twentieth century, however, was not kind to the monastery. It was abandoned following the chaos and inter-ethnic violence at the end of World War I, and the population transfer of Trabzon's formerly Trebizond Greek population back to Greece.

Its remote location gave it some sanctuary, but its frescoes still attracted the occasional casually hurled rock by a bored shepherd. The beautiful frescoes today suffer from decades of heart-wrenchingly pointless vandalism by travelers—judging from the various alphabets and names scrawled across these impressive religious works of art, it appears that just about every culture in the world has taken part in the desecration.There have recently been a number of high profile examples of threats and damage being done to heritage sites in Turkey.

As is often the case, it seems that the Turkish government only takes an economic interest in the rich heritage of Anatolia, while at the same time, its economic development programme is damaging vulnerable sites and causing environmental concerns.

sumela manast?r? restorasyon

On September 1, the St. Georgios Greek Orthodox Church in Bursa, built in and restored by the local municipality betweenwas destroyed after being transferred to an Islamic religious foundation and neglected for the past seven years.

In the southeastern Gaziantep province, the construction of a lagoon threatens to destroy the 3,year-old Hittite site, Yesemek Quarry and Sculpture Workshop. This case is similar to the destruction of the ancient town of Hasankeyf in Batman province, with the construction of a dam flooding the area at the beginning of The Turkish government and its media organisations often hold up particular examples of heritage sites which have been protected, such as the Armenian church of Aghtamar on Lake Van, or Greek Orthodox Sumela Monastery in Trabzon - reopened recently after a three-year restoration project.

In some cases it is not that the Turkish government is purposefully targeting Christian or non-Turkish heritage sites, as much as it is neglecting them in favour of economic development. Corruption also plays a role in areas blighted by poorly-thought-out construction.

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There are many neglected heritage sites in Turkey such as the Mren Armenian Cathedral in Kars, many on the verge of collapse after being neglected for such a long time. The British-Armenian historian Ara Sarafian, whose work I made a film about intold me that when it comes to Armenian sites in Turkey, destruction and erasure by the state has been going on sincebut that it is more visible now due to the internet and a progressive movement in Turkey drawing attention to it.

If you look at Kharpert, where there were 5 churches and a sizable Armenian presence, today you see an Islamic city that was renovated in line with Turkish nationalist ideology. Sarafian says that Kharpert in particular is a good example of an ongoing process of Turkification which took place for years under secular nationalist Turkish governments.

Sarafian did point to more positive examples of heritage preservation, such as an Armenian church in Kayseri which had been converted into a library. I hope it will not remain unanswered. While Turkey promotes its most famous UNESCO heritage sites in commercials for its tourism sector and flag carrier Turkish Airlines, there is a lot more that could be done to improve the situation.

Tiny Url. Turkish heritage sites remain under threat despite positive government PR campaign. Subscribe to our newsletter. Email Address.

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Historical St. Kurdish theatre to be screened in Istanbul City Theatre, first time in over years.I had joined a tour and traveled from the nearby city of Trabzon to visit the iconic building. We drove as far as possible and walked the last two hundred metres uphill. Most of it was uneven ground, sometimes narrow and large tree roots protruding out of the ground were an accident waiting to happen. I reached the entrance, out of breath but my first view of the inside courtyard, confirmed that this was a worthwhile visit.

A long flight of steps led down to the main courtyard, passing living quarters on the way. Furniture and personal possessions are not on display as the monastery was emptied in A lack of signs or a personal guide also means that at times, it is impossible to realise where you are stood and what you are looking at.

The main attraction is the unique location and view. Traditionally, monasteries were always built on hills so they would be looking down on the local community. The people who built Sumela took this concept to another level by building as high as they did. The story of why the monastery is in this peculiar location will vary depending on whom you speak to.

The most popular explanation, involves a belief in miracles if you are to accept it as the truth. The legend talks about two priests who found an statue of the Virgin Mary in a cave on this mountain.

The dark color of the statue led the priests to believe they had discovered a Black Madonna typically associated with miracles.

They believed Saint Luke had made the Black Madonna and angels carried it to the mountain. They said it was a sign from the Virgin Mary that they should build their monastery in that spot. Could rumours that the priests made up the story about the Black Madonna to gain income for their monastery be true? Either way, the monastery functioned peacefully for hundreds of years. The Ottoman ruler, Sultan Mehmet the second, gave it protected status, special rights and privileges.

It also continued to receive donations because of the Black Madonna statue. The Turkish war of independence put an end to daily life in the monastery. Inthe monastery was abandoned and many items were secretly smuggled to a new monastery in Greece.

It is believed that the Black Madonna was one of them. For many years, the monastery lay empty, visited only by soldiers and passersby. The frescoes show signs of damage from this time. Rumours also suggest that American and Russian soldiers based in the area, in the early s, chipped off parts of the frescoes for souvenirs to take home. The most impressive display is on the ceiling and walls inside the church, showing various scenes from the Bible and figures of Christianity.

You can take photographs if you do not use a flash. Ignore this rule and guides will have no hesitation at shouting at you in front of everyone.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Download PDF.

A short summary of this paper. Trabzon Trabzon Vilayeti Salnamesi,C. Fallmerayer gelir. Hrand D. Andreasyan, 2. Papadimitriou, Panaghia SoumelaSelanik Ronald C. Anthony Bryer vd. Washington D.

sumela manast?r? restorasyon

Talbot Rice ve W. Talbot Rice and W. London, Charing Cross, London, Yunanistan Trabzon, Mintslov da teyit eder. Athens, Australia, JohannesII. AlexiosII. Manuel ve III.

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SelimIII. MehmetII.Sumela Monastery in the construction of Turkey's major historical and tourist attractions of the planned cable car project was prepared. The 2-kilometer-long ropeway line, which is planned to be completed in years, will cost 2,5 million TL, and will be operated with a build-operate-transfer model.

The cable car line, which will have wagons for 40 people, will consist of 2 stations. At the first stop, there will be an area where you can easily spend hours, such as scenery, viewing terraces, walking paths, restaurants, which offer completely different beauties.

It is believed that the church was built between AD. Not much is known about the millennium between the first establishment of the church and its transformation into a monastery. According to a legend told between the Black Sea Greeks, Barnabas from Athens and two monks named Sophronios had the same dream; In their dreams, they saw the place of Sumela as the place where the icon of Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms, from three Panagia icons made by one of Jesus' students, St. Upon this, they came to Trabzon by sea, unaware of each other, told the dreams they had met there and laid the foundation of the first church.

It is believed that Alexios was the true founder of the monastery. In the defense of the city, which was exposed to Turkmen raids in the 14th century, there was no change in the status of the monastery, which took the role of an outpost, after the Ottoman conquest. It is known that Yavuz Sultan Selim gave two big candlesticks as gifts during his princely in Trabzon. Fatih Sultan Mehmed, II. Murat, I. Selim, II. Selim, III.

Murad, İbrahim, IV. Mehmed, II. Solomon and III. Ahmed also has edicts about the monastery.

sumela manast?r? restorasyon

He was left to his fate. With the permission of the government in the Republic of Turkey in Christians, the Virgin Mary, who is considered as the day of Ascension and the sacred 15th of August after 88 years together for the first liturgy organized, led liturgy Istanbul Orthodox Patriarchate Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople. YHT services, which have opened in the past months, continue in a controlled manner, but there is still no improvement on when the regional train and mainline train services will start!

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Apart from this, all other passenger transport trains are out of service. For details Click here One-way ticket prices pounds for one person, pounds for double people are offered for sale. Young people between the ages of can benefit from this 'young ticket' discount. In addition, teachers, military passengers, groups of at least 12 people, people with press cards, disabled people, children between the ages of and TCDD retired spouse 20 percent discount, 65 percent discount over 50 and TCDD employee free travel opportunities are offered.

You need to buy both HES codes and travel permit documents. For video and picture narration Click here The East Express completes the journey between Ankara and Kars in approximately 24 hours and 30 minutes. Last minute.Due to an increase in rock falls, on 22 September the monastery was closed to the public for safety reasons for the duration of one year to resolve the problem; this was later extended to three years. It reopened to tourists 25 May It became famous for an icon of the Virgin Mary known as the Panagia Gorgoepekoossaid to have been painted by the Apostle Luke.

During its long history, the monastery fell into ruin several times and was restored by various emperors. During the 6th century, it was restored and enlarged by General Belisarius at the behest of Justinian. It reached its present form in the 13th century after gaining prominence during the existence of the Empire of Trebizond. While the Emperors Basil and John II had endowed the monastery richly, it was during the reign of Alexios III — that Sumela received its most important largess: according to legend, the young Alexios was saved from a storm by the Virgin, and was bidden by her to restore the monastery.

A chrysobull dated to confirms the freedom and autonomy of the monastery, together with all of its hereditary lands and dependents; exempts them from all taxes, except for one biannual tax; and restores to it the serfs whom the tax-collectors of Matzouka had illegally taken from it, listing 40 of the serfs by name.

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At that time, the monastery was granted an amount annually from imperial funds. Following the conquest by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II init was granted the sultan's protection and given rights and privileges that were renewed by following sultans. The monastery remained a popular destination for monks and travelers through the years. In and for the following decades, the monastery housed the Phrontisterion of Trapezousa well-known Greek educational institution of the region.

Until the Russian occupancy in Trabzon -Sumela Monastery stayed active and visited by monks and Christian and Muslim pilgrimages.

AfterSumela Monastery was abandoned because of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey according to the Treaty of Lausanne. Inthose who migrated founded a new monastery which they named as the new Panagia Soumela Monastery on the slopes of Mount Vermion, near the town of Naousa, in Macedonia, Greece.

Sumela Monastery in Turkey

Some treasures from the old Sumela Monastery were carried to the new one in Greece. With the fire inthe wooden parts of the Sumela Monastery were destroyed. In the following years, treasure hunters damaged the other parts of the Monastery.

Today Sumela Monastery is a museum open to visitors from all over the world, and the restoration work is funded by the Turkish Government. Today the monastery's primary function is as a tourist attraction.

It overlooks forests and streams, making it extremely popular for its aesthetic attraction as well as for its cultural and religious significance. As ofthe Turkish government is funding reconstruction work, and the monastery is enjoying a revival in pilgrimage from Greece and Russia. On 15 AugustOrthodox divine liturgy was allowed to take place in the monastery compound. Only to visitors are allowed inside the monastery, although widescreen televisions are available to observe the event at a cafe some hundred meters away from the monastery.

Sümela Manastırı’ndaki restorasyon çalışmaları yeniden başladı

On 22 Septemberthe Monastery was closed to visitors for three years due to necessary restoration and field work. It reopened on May 18, The principal elements of the Monastery complex are the Rock Church, several chapels, kitchens, student rooms, a guesthouse, a library, and a sacred spring revered by Eastern Orthodox Christians.

The large aqueduct at the entrance, which supplied water to the Monastery, is constructed against the side of the cliff. The aqueduct has many arches which have mostly been restored. The entrance to the Monastery leads up a long and narrow stairway. There is a guard-room next to the entrance. The stairs lead down from there to the inner courtyard. On the left, in front of a cave, there are several monastery buildings. The cave, which was converted into a church, constitutes the center of the monastery.

The library is to the right. The large building with a balcony on the front part of the cliff was used for the monks' cells and for housing guests. It dates from The inner and outer walls of the Rock Church and the walls of the adjacent chapel are decorated with frescoes. The frescoes of the bottom band are of superior quality.

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